Passion For Unique Lighting

Since ancient times human beings have been enthralled with Light.

Light is the most important media that enables people to experience the environment around them. The experiences and awareness, enabled by Light, decide our emotions and behavior. Lighting establishes a healthy environment both physically and psychologically. The correct design and application of Light enhances mood and ambience both physically and spiritually.

LUXUNI has been created by several outstanding and leading lighting professionals, each of whom has contributed their knowledge and expertise in lighting and product design to the establishment of our company.

LUXUNI is derived from the Latin “lux” (light) and the word “unique”. Our aim is to create and market exceptional and functionally designed luminaires. LUXUNI is dedicated to creating comfortable and beautiful ambiences through the medium of Light.

LUXUNI creates all of its designs and products, which are manufactured in LUXUNI owned factories thus ensuring the most rigid quality controls and reliability.

LUXUNI lighting products have won prestigious design awards including Red Dot, iF, Good Design, Light and Building Design Plus etc.